Plan of Action

After setting up the website over the last couple of days and filling it with the first units I have decided on a rough plan of action.
In the coming days and months I will further add more units that I have from the UCC book. In the process I will try to correct mistakes and errors. This will take quite some time, maybe more than a year. We’ll see.
Parallel I will populate the different pages as well as try to enhance the design of the website although I am quite happy with the overall look and feel already.
Also, I want to style the „Search“ page a bit better but it will have to wait until most of the units made it “online“.
If that all is completed more templates will be created, repainted and added. Moreover, most logos are horrible in quality and have to be vectorized.
All of that is quite the workload and don’t expect it to be fast. I really hope I can encourage some of you to contribute in one way or the other.
Hope you stick around fellow Mech Commanders!