Links to BattleTech Resources

A collection of links to Battletech resources.

Battletech Universe

The most comprehensive wiki on Battletech.

A Regimental Paintscheme Guide.

Battletech Universe Map

A fan-made interactive map of the known Battletech Universe with options to calculate routs to planets and much more!

Unit Color Compendium Book (PDF)

Please note, that after finishing the book it has not been updated. (Note: this PDF is nice to browse through but heavily outdated by now)

Battletech Logos

Viereth’s awesome collection of beautifully redesigned Battletech Unit Logos.

LegendKiller’s vectorized and designed unit insignia and logos.

A wealth of unit insignia.

LegendKiller’s Battletech avatars

Mech Repaint Templates

LegendKiller’s expanded Mech templates

Odanan’s Mech Templates

Viereth’s Mech Templates

Battletech Wallpapers

LegendKiller’s Battletech Wallpapers