UCC Artists

A presentation of the artists who work or worked actively on the Unit Color Compendium or contributed passively to it.

*If you are one of the following artists and you would like to add or change something, please let me know.



Hello to all fellow Battletech fans. As many others had done, I started my first kickstarter backing of the PC game Battletech and joined the original HBS created forum for the game. I quickly took to the community and learned how great an online community can truly be. During my interactions on said forum, I took on many activities with fellow members of the community. Some things were an RP game based on BT, helping to create logos for other members (influenced greatly by members JustinKase & Sarlic), & many other fun topics. It was through my postings on the logos thread that LegendKiller threw me a whisper, asking if I would be interested in joining his project the Unit Color Compendium. At that point he had already done alot of work on it with a great team of people behind him to help. I looked through his postings and ideas, and immediatley was into helping out however I could. I never did any type of project like this before, but was 100 percent into what he wanted to complete. Over the span of a few years later, we worked super well together and felt very priviliged that I had the opportunity to try something different that I discovered I loved to do. I will always be grateful for being part of this. Hope all who view this enjoy. Horus.



Greetings Mechwarriors. My association with the UCC started out in the same way as Horus, also participating on my first Kickstarter for the BATTLETECH game and being amongst the first to join up to HBS’s Forum, having been a fan of BattleTech since 2nd Edition, and enjoying myself immensely along the way.
My first involvement with the UCC was to research and give some ideas on colour schemes for units that had none listed. Somewhere along the way I was encouraged to have a go at doing some of the repaints. I had no prior experience with any painting programs, let alone Photoshop. With the encouragement of other original forum members, LegendKiller, Hatchy, Justin Kase and the rest of the crew, I had a go, and I am still churning out repaints of Mechs and Logos for the UCC. And as I learn more about this digital art thing, I thank those who encouraged me to have that go, as I have a new hobby to enjoy. I am happy to continue working on this worthwhile project. May many Mechwarriors find it enjoyable and useful. Carry on. Flamestalker.


Prussian Havoc

Greetings! I’m Prussian Havoc (https://twitter.com/Prussian_Havoc) and I am very honored to have helped Legendkiller begin what developed into the incredible BATTLETECH Community resource that you have here at your fingertips. While others proved far, FAR more artistic than I, I offered up the ideas and inspiration for what you see in the UCC as the Aurigan Coalition and Clan Mongoose. I am very glad to have played my part in helping Legendkiller realize a Vision for BattleTech that is unlike anything our Community has had before. My thanks to Legendkiller and all my fellow UCC Contributors. It is an honor to be counted among your number.



Spartakus was a main-stay on the project from the very beginning. He contributed through submitting paint scheme ideas for those units which had non. Also, he spell-checked and crosschecked texts and content. A lot of work considering the dimensions of the UCC. But very much appreciated.



Like Spartakus, Xinxspuz worked on spell-checking and double-checking texts and content. It is much appreciated how much effort he put into his task.


Alex “flyingdebris” Iglesias

The “father” of all that great Mech artwork that the UCC is using to visualize paint schemes. Without him none of this would be possible. https://www.deviantart.com/flyingdebris



SpOoKy777 is an artist which dedicates his art to the universe of Battletech. He’s doing an amazing job visualizing battle scenes and creating 3D vehicles. All of the tanks on the UCC were created by him. Check out his art on https://www.deviantart.com/spooky777



Viereth is an artist that creates mech templates, repaints, logos and more for Battletech. A lot of those good looking logos on the UCC stem from him. He was kind enough to allow LK the usage of his artwork. https://www.deviantart.com/viereth



Sightsonyou provided many of the basic templates that LK leans on to create his templates for the UCC.



GrayMouser was working with Horus on vectorizing his brilliant unit insignia ideas. A very laborious work which all Battletech fans are benefitting from.


Michael F

Michael F designed unit insignia for units that had none. With great ideas and great attention to detail he was able to support the UCC project with his designs.



DAV is a great artist which only did a few but splendid repaints for the Unit Color Compendium.


Justin Kase

The man who dragged LK into this project. Also, he’s been doing lot’s of repaints and coloring mechs. He’s also responsible for some of the logos and research. He’s the one who digs up more units while the rest of us thought we had them all.  – Thx mate. Seriously.



TitaniumBurn came up with ideas and designs for missing unit insignia.



Deadborder primarily did research, looking for obscure colour schemes for obscure units. Drawing on his considerable (or obsessive) knowledge of the Battletech universe he was able to find plenty of units that had otherwise slipped through the cracks or had their offical schemes documented in out of the way places. He is also a published Battletech author. Social media: https://www.deviantart.com/deadborderbob



Odanan provided the majority of the basic templates that LK leans on to create his templates for the UCC. Without him it would’ve been much more time consuming to create the Unit Color Compendium. https://www.deviantart.com/odanan



Being a fan of the UCC project, TaurianMerc involved himself more and more actively over time and eventually join the team of artists. He scrutinizes the pages of the website to reduce the number of errors and mistakes, helping polishing the site to be as accurate as possible.


Col. Matthew Steiner

When I’m not fighting clanners you can find me painting mechs. Long time Battletech fan and sometimes mini painter. 2019 heralded a true reinvigoration of the game and ignited in me an interest to help promote the wonderful setting and the myriad of ways to enjoy it. For my part sharing the stages and output of my miniature painting within the Battletech universe is the hope to grow community engagement. The Clan Invasion Kickstarter is going to prove a true reneasiance for Battletech and I hope to see as many of you in the field piloting mechs as possible. The UCC had helped inspire and provide guidance for in universe paint schemes and am glad to be able to contribute. I do painting commissions and you can see more work of mine on Instagram.



I thought long and hard about the next project – the Unit Color Compendium Data Base. This resource is aimed at all you Battletech fans not just those who like to paint their minis or color their Mechs in video games. Dive in and see how colorful the Universe of Battletech can be. The main feature about the UCC Data Base is that you can search for units by a myriad of different tags and keywords – including color! Of course, this Data Base will be expanded and enhanced.



jjm1, Hatchy, TigerShark, GTGMaximo, Nichino, King Phoenix, JP Arbiter, MeSooHaityiu, Bishop Steiner, Bradigus, Bren, Chaosmaster, DSteelGM, Poena, Mad Modd, Thunderhead, Jakapan, RamJam, IonRaptor, Kuqry, mrTwiddlecups, TropicFox, Blarginator, AceTimberwolf, 1N51.