In the following we tried to sum up the most frequently asked questions as well as questions that might come up. They’re in no particular order.

How can I get involved or report mistakes the easiest way?
Join the discord server. https://discord.gg/qVP3rp8

Where from do you get those paint schemes?
We’ll get them from camospecs.com, sarna.net, books or images like box illustrations etc.

What is an official paint scheme?
Official paint schemes are those which stem from Field Manuals, other source books, novels and other published official material including illustrations and images/photos. Some are canonized by camospecs.com.

Some paint schemes are referenced with i.e. a Feld Manual but there’s no page number. What about those?
We don’t have a page number and most likely the paint scheme stems from a painting guide image or similar. If you can help make the reference more accurate, please do so by letting us know exact details. Contact us on social media like discord.

Do you own all the reference sources?
No. We don’t own all the books or sources at this point. We rely on online sources and the community, especially the awesome UCC artists to help out. 

What about those units that do not have a paint scheme mentioned anywhere?
Generally, We try to fill gaps as much as possible. That said, there’s two ways we follow. 
In some cases we decided to make logical „jumps“ like in the case of the Rasalhague Dominon. Some Galaxies are build up largely from Free Rasalhague Republic Units and will likely just keep their paint scheme habits. The method of making this „jump“ was suggested to us by some UCC artists like Deadborder and Viereth. We haven’t thought of it at first but it seems logical enough.  
In other cases, we involved the community and asked them to come up with a paint scheme. We think that is much fun and rewarding. If there ever will be an official scheme for that particular unit, the fan-made one will be replaced of course.

How do I know when a paint scheme is official or not? 
In some cases it is quite obvious as book and page number are mentioned. In other cases it is written that the paint scheme is canonized. Those are official paint schemes. If there’s a UCC artist name mentioned then the paint scheme is fan-made. Recently, We added remarks pointing to fan-made content. Not all units have them at them moment but I’ll gradually fix and correct things.

How do I know when a unit insignia is official or not? 
If an insignia is official then the reference will be unknown artist/sarna.net. Unfortunately, we do not have a better reference in this case. If there’s a UCC artist name mentioned then the paint scheme is fan-made. Recently, we added remarks pointing to fan-made content. Not all units have them at them moment but I’ll gradually fix and correct things.

Are there any non-canon units on the site? Are all units official?
There are a handful of non-canon units. Most notably the UCC artist units which are clearly marked. Others are the Aurigan Coalition units which we took from the HBS BattleTech computer game and Mason’s Marauders from the DFA show. We think both are legit enough to get a mention here. Other than that the units are all official. Recently, we started adding notes to non-canon units and will continue doing so.

What can I do if I see an error somewhere?
We are happy for any hint and help. If you see something incorrect, please point it out to us. Contact us here https://discord.gg/qVP3rp8

Can I get involved? What do you expect from me?
Yes, you can! Please contact us to discuss details. Contact us on social media like discord. Mostly we are looking for artist who can do repaints and logos but also scanning the site for errors is vital. Look here for more info https://unitcolorcompendium.com/contribute/ . It is important that you talk to us first before doing anything. We do have certain standards that have to be met when it comes to repaints and logos, but nothing nothing that can’t be achieved. If you get involved you can contribute as much as you like. There’s no minimum requirement except for one logo or repaint (if that is what you want to do) or scanning the site from time to time. This is a hobby and should not develop into a 24/7 job. https://discord.gg/qVP3rp8

Are there certain requirements to get involved?
No. You can just step up and we’ll see form there. https://discord.gg/qVP3rp8

I’ve already created artwork in the past that would fit the UCC site. Are you interested in it?
Definitely! Please contact us to discuss details. Contact us on social media like discord. We can’t promise anything but I will have a look. https://discord.gg/qVP3rp8

What is in it for me if I join the UCC artist team?
We offer each artist to create and display his personal Mercenary unit in this fashion https://unitcolorcompendium.com/category/ucc-artist-units/ 

I see a lot of similar Mechs painted in block-style. Other units are non-Mech units but you show a Mech. What’s with that? 
A lot of work still has to go into the UCC. We display unit paint schemes on Mechs cause initially there was no other way. Today, we have access to vehicles and will replace the Mechs where necessary. Mechs that are not repainted are basically place holders for repaints. They become replaced when a repaint is done.

The paint scheme description differs from the colored or repainted Mech that is shown. Why is that? 
Colored Mechs are merely placeholder for the repaints that will replace them. Therefore, they’re not as accurate but still show the overall paint scheme.
Repaints on the other hand may differ from the description in a way, as most descriptions are pretty vage and leave a lot of room for interpretation. In fact, that goes for the majority of them and is true for both official or fan-made ones. We leave it up to the artist how they interpret the description. The repainted Mech image is by no way binding and another artist doing a repaint for the same unit might see the application of the colors under a completely different light.
The beauty of this website is that, unlike the book, it is flexible. It let’s me post all the different repaints for the same unit (if there are multiple). As a result fans can choose their favorites for themselves.

About Clan Burrock and Clan Mongoose paint schemes …? 
Those are special and personal. The Clan Burrock paint scheme was designed by LegendKiller. The Clan Mongoose paint scheme was designed by Prussian Havoc and we quite like it. Although there are one or two images on the internet which seemingly show a paint scheme for a unit or two of above mentioned Clans, we took the liberty to overrule those and to opt for “our” design.

Let us know if there’s anything else you want to know! https://discord.gg/qVP3rp8