Fighting Fringers

All three battalions wear the same colour scheme of bone white with brass trim and the badge of the Fighting Fringers on the left breast. Two vertical stripes of green and red run down the front of the right torso and right leg, and the left arm of each mech is left free for each pilot to decorate however they wish. The Insignia of the Fighting Fringers is a circlet of rays, to symbolise the Periphery, with the initials FF within, all in red.


Brigadier Edward Black was known for two things amongst the Concordat Cuirassiers, the crotchety pessimistic attitude he put on and his stubbornness, the latter becoming an important characteristic of the Fighting Fringers mercenary command. Formed by Black in 3019, in preference to retuning to the family estate after his service ended, the Fringers recruit all their Mechwarriors solely from the Periphery. Initially little more than Black’s former TDF friends and a bunch of hard-luck ‘warriors piloting mechs that arrived with the Star League, the former officer soon shaped them into a professional force that excelled at defensive work.

They have spent most of their history operating in the Periphery and Deep Periphery, primarily rimwards of the Inner Sphere. Their first contract within the Inner Sphere found them on the losing side of the Andurien Secession, later they were contracted with the St Ives Compact and then the Free Rassalhague Republic; the latter whilst it was under threat from Clan Ghost Bear. Taking refuge in the Federated Commonwealth, the battered Fringers would remain on the Clan front, virtually forgotten when the Civil War erupted. As soon as possible, the command, now badly in need of updated equipment, headed back into the Periphery, picking up contracts with the Explorer Corps, the odd pirate hunt, garrison contracts, and recurring periods of cadre duty with the Calderon Protectorate. Having been unaffected by the early days of the Jihad, Robert Black, Edward’s grandson, took his command back to the Duchy of Andurien for a brief spell, the first Inner Sphere contract that didn’t result in the Fringers taking a severe beating.

Post Jihad, and through the Dark Ages, the Fighting Fringers went through a low period, serving out in the Periphery again, with what little money coming in being allocated to the technical and medical arms of the command. The appointment of the young Edward Black II to the command post has seemed to inject some much-needed energy and pride into the command, with some of the Black family fortune being used to obtain new, though largely second hand, mechs and aerospace assets through every available means. Regaining that lost feeling of an extended family, the company’s warriors feel once again that their star is on the rise.

The Fighting Fringers have long specialised in defensive operations and Edward Black II seems intent on continuing that tradition. Since absorbing all the abandoned Andurien support staff after the Battle of Villanueva the Fighting Fringers have maintained extensive medical, technical, combat engineer, and repair and salvage teams; enough to support allied forces as well as their own. The Fighting Fringers have traditionally neglected their aerospace arm, relying on a handful of old Sparrowhawks and Corsairs, but Edward’s reforms have seen the acquisition of new fighters and some larger craft to escort their dropships.

Insignia by: Scott Clans (c)

Paint Scheme by: TaurianMerc
Mech repainted by: Flamestalker

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Original Artwork: flyingdebris for Piranha Games Inc.
Template: Odanan/Flamestalker
Additional Template work: LegendKiller/Flamestalker