The process of uploading a unit to the UCC database

In this short blog post I‘ll try to summerize what goes into the process of adding a unit to the data base. It’s a rather detailed list and there‘s several steps involved as follows.

  • Look up the Unit in the Book
  • Search for the unit and unit insignia on my computer 
  • Open all files in Photoshop 
  • Resize the unit insignia to 200×200 px and save it
  • Resize the mech file and save it
  • Crop the mech file to a 16:9 format and save it 
  • Create a new post 
  • Add the mech repaint 
  • Add the insignia 
  • Fill in the title 
  • Copy text template and paste it into the new one
  • Copy the unit color description paste it into the new post
  • Look up the unit on sarna and create a link in the new post.
  • Look up the unit on camospecs and create a link in the new post.
  • Add the Thumbnail image
  • Fill in the fields for SEO
  • Mark all necessary categories
  • Fill in all necessary tags
  • Check and correct any mistakes
  • Upload

All in all I’d say it takes around 10-15 minutes give or take, per unit. So, that’s roughly 4 units per hour.

I guess it will take a while until unit are online.