Warrior House Tsang Xiao

House Tsang Xiao‘s paint scheme is sand yellow with bright red and yellow accents. Their emblem is a stylized plum blossom, representing perseverence.

Insignia by: Unknown/Sarna.net
Insignia vectorized by: Viereth

Paint Scheme by: Field Manual: 3065, page 65
Mech repainted by: –

View on Sarna.net: http://www.sarna.net/wiki/Warrior_House_Tsang_Xiao
View on Camospecs.com: http://camospecs.com/Unit/Details/1040/house-tsang-xiao

Original Artwork: flyingdebris for Piranha Games Inc.
Template: Odanan
Additional Template work: LegendKiller

To do: Mech needs to be repainted