Snake Eyes

The unit typically paints their ‘Mechs in a teal color with sanguine brown highlights on the shoulders and backs of legs.  However, when deployed on mission, they will paint their Mechs in whatever the most appropriate camouflage scheme might be.  The tech crew for the unit has become experts in repainting, able to churn out an appropriate paint scheme on the unit seemingly overnight.



Born from the conflict known as Operation Rat, which in turn kicked off the 4th Succession War, Snake Eyes Company has had a rather tumultuous history.

Originally under contract with House Liao as part of Dirk’s Daggers mercenary company, Lt. Nicodemus Krone’s Scout Lance was out on long range patrol during the initial Davion invasion of Algol.  When the invasion hit, it hit hard and the Liao forces on planet folded quickly.  In an effort to escape the fate of their sister units, the CCAF Third Battalion of the Ariana Fusiliers abandoned their post.  Seeing the cards on the table, Dirk’s Daggers joined them.  That is, everyone other than Lt. Krone’s Lance, which was cut off from the dropships.

Left on world without any support, the lance did what they could to gather reconnaissance data whilst avoiding capture by the Third Davion Guards RCT.  Not able to take on the more numerous, better equipped and heavier ‘Mechs of the Davion Guards, Lt. Nicodemus Krone relied on his lance’s speed and the terrain to outmaneuver their slower opponents.  The 3rd RCT soon called in the Eridani White Horse Regiment to deal with this nuisance.

Over the next few weeks, Snake Eyes Lance was able to play a game of cat and mouse with the Eridani forces, evading several snares that had been set for them.  During this time the lance became extremely adept making minor repairs to their ‘Mechs, keeping them in good working order.  Ultimately, the White Horse’s superior tactics and experience won the day for them.  During a supply raid, Lt. Krone’s lance was pinned between BattleMech and conventional forces of the White Horse Regiment.  With no hope of escape, the battered lance surrendered.  Impressed with their use Light Horse style tactics, the Eridani accepted their surrender.

Having been abandoned by both their parent unit and the CCAF, it was looking like they would be joining the ranks of the dispossessed.  Amazingly, the Light Horse commander allowed the mercenaries uncontested passage to Galatea, under the condition that they not take up service with any members of the Concordant of Kapteyn for the duration of the conflict, no matter how long that may be.  Lt. Krone and his lance mates jumped at the deal. 


Once on Galatea, news reports began to paint a picture of just how ambitious House Davion was and how lucky the lance was to escape the chaos occurring in the unraveling Capellan Confederation.

It was on Galatea that Nick came into contact with Skid Akbar, who was also recovering with the remnants of his lance from a contract gone poorly in the Draconis Combine.  The two got to talking and scheming, and over a game of dice, Snake Eyes Company was jointly founded by them.

Numbering just over a handful of MechWarriors, the pair began to utilize their extensive contacts and underworld connections – looking for other down on their luck pilots.  It wasn’t all that hard.  Within a month, Snake Eyes Company had just under a dozen pilots signed to their charter, along with a handful of techs and a 6-man unit of Savannah Masters.  Many of these pilots were looking to stave off creditors, or worse.  Using Akbar’s Leopard-Class DropShip (The Dragon Drop) as collateral for initial operating costs, it was with an eager crew that the newly minted Snake Eyes Company looked for their first contract.


Signing on with the Lyran Commonwealth, Snake Eyes Company was provided passage to the Isle of Skye to aid in Operations Götterdämmerung and Holdur.  Initially contracted to aid in the push into the Draconis Combine, Snake Eyes Company was instead rerouted to Alphecca by Skye Military Command, in order to relieve allow Lyran troops to continue their broad sweeping advance into the Combine.

Ordered to bolster the local Alphecca Militia, Snake Eyes Company was stationed on one of the northern continents (Rubekka).  Little did they realize, that the scheming Duke Lestrade had made a deal with the Coordinator of the Combine, allowing DCMS forces an easy pathway into the Lyran Commonwealth, hoping to then use that turmoil to his political advantage.

After nearly 9 months of relative peace and quiet on garrison duty, Alphecca was caught by surprise when the 3rd Dieron Regulars jumped in system. 

Knowing that the local militia was outclassed, Captains Krone and Akbar tried to convince the militia commander to disperse their troops to fight a guerilla holding action against the invaders and await reinforcements from Lyran Command.  Instead, the Militia Commander issued a challenge to the invaders and attempted to engage the incoming Dieron dropships as they made landfall.  Even with ‘Mechs of Snake Eyes Company supporting them, the results were disastrous for the light militia.  Within the first few days of fighting, the overall planetary militia had been reduced to almost half strength, and Snake Eyes had taken near crippling damage to 1/3 of their ‘Mechs and lost 1 Savanah Master.  In under a week, the overall Militia Commander surrendered his command to the Dierons.

Having heard of the way the Combine treated mercenaries, especially with stories of what happened to Wolf’s Dragoons, Nick and Skid came up with a daring plan to attempt an escape from planet.

Utilizing planted explosives to feint an attack on a supply depot, the 3rd Dieron forces were lured out with the prospect of completing their job and mollifying the last resistance on planet.  To help sweeten the bait, Capt Skid led the fastest remaining ‘Mechs in the unit and the Savannah Masters preformed a fighting withdrawal against the Dierons, luring them further away from the seaport city of Fescher’s Dock.  More importantly, away from a small space port used to ferry the bounty of Alphecca off world.

Over the days leading up to the diversion, the remaining technical crew infiltrated the port city, and made preparations.  On the evening of the attack the final elements of Snake Eyes Company snuck into the city with the ‘Mechs travelling fully submerged.  With the ‘Mechs having been jury rigged to close all potential seal breaches, the transit was smooth, but nerve wracking for the pilots, who jumped with every ping and creak of their ‘Mechs.

Fortune favored the bold that night, and the preparations of the technical crew allowed them to not only reclaim their Leopard, but also the theft of an old Mule-class dropship.  Although it did not have proper ‘Mech Bays, the team was able to secure their charges enough to prevent any extensive damage from being done… they hoped.

Meanwhile, the bait and lure elements had disengaged from their ruse, and made with all haste to Fescher’s Dock.  Crippled and at barely half their original compliment, the remnants of Snake Eyes Company made their way off planet and met up with a JumpShip that was at a pirate point for a smuggling operation that the unit had been quietly aware of, trading the stolen DropShip cargo for passage they made their way out of the system.


With the 4th Succession War winding down, the remnants of Snake Eyes Company decided to reinvest their earnings into the unit, as well as taking out a lien against their Mule (rechristened the Duke’s Folly) to acquire replacement ‘Mechs for their losses.  They then, once again, set about looking for new pilots.

The next few years were relatively calm, with all the major houses consolidating their gains, and not eager to restart the hostilities of the 4th Succession War.

During this time, Snake Eyes Company took a long term contract with House Steiner to patrol the Lyran / Draconis border in the Tamar Pact.  For the next 4 years, they dealt with some minor border skirmishes, pirate raids and helped to keep the peace during a few Free Rasalhague rallies.  Being sympathetic to the Rasalhague plight, orders in regards to dealing with them were intentionally interpreted rather loosely.


To symbolize the bond for each other, and their motto of ‘leave no one behind’, the Snake Eyes Company logo is a snake, wrapped into an infinity symbol.  To symbolize their typical luck, a pair of dice with double ones showing is between the coils of the snake.

Insignia by: Horus

Paint Scheme by: Justin Kase
Mech repainted by: LegendKiller

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Original Artwork: flyingdebris for Piranha Games Inc.
Template: Sightsonyou/LegendKiller/Justin Kase
Additional Template work: LegendKiller