End of January 2019, state of progress, update

The end of January 2019 is nearing and a lot of work has gone into the UCC website so far. 

Most notably the website has been populated in a faster way than I’ve anticipated. Right now I’ve got around 320 units uploaded! That seems a lot but is still not even a quarter of the units at hand. 

Even if you do not see units being uploaded there’s still a lot of work done in the background by preparing content for the upload, research, cleaning-up descriptions, discussing, editing links, editing my spread sheet and promoting the site on social media.

Additionally, even at this point, we’ve discovered new units and paint schemes! The universe of BT is vast and beyond what most people see, let me tell you.

Also, in the process I was able to gain new support from BattleTech fans such as TAURIANMERC, VIERETH (HAYDEN), DEADBORDER (AISHEN), JJM1, INSANIAC99 and ION RAPTOR. FLAMESTALKER is still producing one fantastic repaint after the other. And HORUS is chiming in whenever time allows it and focusing on logos. 

Currently, I am focusing on uploading as much as possible while in a later round I will go through each unit page and do refinements, add and correct and try to make the UCC as accurate as possible.

Another awesome feature has been added to the UCC site. You’re now able to comment on the paint schemes while logged in. It is a very basic function. So not the usual account you’d expect. I’ve looked into the matter and it is simply too much work at this point to establish a proper registration feature.
Instead, if you want to register, go to a unit page, scroll down and click on “login”. You’ll be directed to a register page if you do it for the first time. Then continue from there.

I really hope all of you enjoy the work myself and the team are putting into this project. Please, stay tuned fore more awesomeness! 

Last but not least I want to thank again everyone involved. It wouldn’t be possible without you! 

If some of you would like to join, I am still looking for more artists doing repaints and logos.

Please contact me via social media like twitter or on discord and the various forums.