Helm Cuirassiers

The Helm Cuirassiers use appropriate camouflage pattern to paint their Mechs when not using the the Stewart Dragoons’ red and gray paint scheme with scarlet highlights. The Dragoons’ insignia is a green and purple thistle in a white square, usually displayed on the left arm and right leg of BattleMechs. Some units display a stallion silhouetted against fire.

Insignia by (fan-made and not canonized): Horus
Insignia vectorized by: –

Paint Scheme by: LegendKiller (the camouflage part is fan-made and not canonized) / Free Worlds League, page 99
Mech repainted by: –

View on Sarna.net: http://www.sarna.net/wiki/Helm_Cuirassiers
View on Camospecs.com: http://camospecs.com/Search/Index?Term=stewart

Original Artwork: flyingdebris for Piranha Games Inc.
Template: Odanan
Additional Template work: LegendKiller

To do: Mech needs to be repainted