Regulan Hussars,1st-31st

For ceremonial purposes the Hussars paint their machines an orange-brown with off yellow highlights. Some sub-units from the lance level up paint their machines a monotone color such as tan, olive, or grey when in combat, while others stick to the parade scheme. The Regulan Hussars regimental banner consists of a bat-winged banshee standing on a map of the Principality of Regulus ( which includes the now independent Principality of Gibson and Regulan Free States ). The design is usually displayed on the left torso and arm of the unit’s BattleMechs and on the side of vehicles.

The 2nd uses fern tree highlights.

The 4th uses maroon highlights. Some Mechwarriors paint a Kukri on the hip of their ‘Mech.

The 5th uses sandy beige highlights. The Fifth’s insignia shows a shooting star against a midnight blue background.

The 9th Regulan Hussars use a tan and brown camouflage with purple highlights. The Ninth’s insignia is a blazing sunrise.

The 12th uses white highlights.

The 13th uses green highlights.

The 14th uses blue highlights.

Insignia by: Unknown Artist/
Insignia vectorized by: –

Paint Scheme by: Canonized by Savage Coyote on 04/08/05 (1st) / Battlemaster, Rolling Thunder (cover) / FM: Free Worlds League (plate 10) / Canonized by Insane Kangaroo on 2/26/07 ( 2nd) / Canonized by Hauptmann Fanjoy on 2/20/07 (4th) / Canonized by Insane Kangaroo on 3/5/07 (5th) / Canonized by Savage Coyote and Insane Kangaroo on 4/25/2008 (9th)
Mech repainted by: LegendKiller/Justin Kase

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Original Artwork: flyingdebris for Piranha Games Inc.
Template: Sightsonyou
Additional Template work: LegendKiller/Justin Kase