Epsilon Galaxy

The Galaxy’s color scheme is light green and black. In addition to the Galaxy’s distinctive insignia, individual units also commonly display the Epsilon character. Epsilon’s insignia is a jade falcon carrying a suit of battle armor.

The 5th Battle Cluster insignia is golden talons gripping a dead wolf, behind image is a Black shield with golden roman numerical for 5 on it.

Insignia by: Unknown Artist/Sarna.net
Insignia vectorized by: Savage Baron
Insignia design (fan-made) according to the official description: Bren (5th Battle Cluster)

Paint Scheme by: Canonized by MadDoc on 12/14/2004
‘Mech repainted by: –

View on Sarna.net: http://www.sarna.net/wiki/Epsilon_Galaxy_(Clan_Jade_Falcon)
View on Camospecs.com: https://camospecs.com/unit/epsilon-galaxy-4/

Original Artwork: flyingdebris for Piranha Games Inc.
Template: Odanan
Additional Template work: Legendkiller

To do: ‘Mech needs to be repainted