Black Knight Legion

NOTE: Apocryphal. The subject of this article is exclusively described in apocryphal sources, i.e. in official BattleTech products that do not fall under the current definition of canon. 

The Black Knight Legion employs a bluish black color on all their machines. Highlights are held in a golden yellow. (Note: While the front of the package of MechWarrior 4: Black Knight shows a Mech in the above colors, ingame footage shows the unit in red with golden or yellow highlights.)

Insignia by: Unknown Artist/
Insignia vectorized by: LegendKiller

Paint Scheme by: MechWarrior 4: Black Knight
Mech repainted by: –

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Original Artwork: flyingdebris for Piranha Games Inc.
Template: Odanan
Additional Template work: LegendKiller

To do: Mech needs to be repainted