Dark Panzer Jaegers, 51st

The Jaegers do not use any specific paint scheme, but instead paint their machines appropriately to the mission. The Jaegers’ logo shows a boxer dog (fawn coloration, black muzzle, ears cut and standing straight up) standing in profile facing left, on a Steiner blue circular background whose edges fade into the camo pattern of the unit. The words “51st DPJ” appear above the boxer. ‘Mechs and battle armor display the logo on each shoulder, while vehicles display it on the glacis of each turret and aerospace fighters on both sides of the fuselage. Any additional numbering identification appears below each insignia. 

Insignia by: Unknown Artist/Sarna.net
Insignia vectorized by: Horus

Paint Scheme by: Field Manual: Mercenaries (revised), page 59 / Thunderbolt, FM: Mercenaries Revised (plate 8)
Mech repainted by: Flamestalker

View on Sarna.net: http://www.sarna.net/wiki/51st_Dark_Panzer_Jaegers
View on Camospecs.com: https://camospecs.com/unit/51st-dark-panzer-jaegers/

Original Artwork: flyingdebris for Piranha Games Inc.
Template: Odanan
Additional Template work: LegendKiller