End of March 2019, state of progress, update

The end of March 2019 is nearing and the past weeks have been productive. 

I was able to upload a considerable amount of units. So many in fact, that I am able to say, that there’s roughly 120 left for which I have content.

Again, a lot of cleaning up online as well as „in the background“ has been happening. Small things, but they added again up to hours of work. 

I plan to finish uploading in the next couple of weeks. After that I will take care of going through each unit card and try to fix and correct things in alphabetical order. More or less. 

Additionally, there’s „new“ units that have emerged. Some have paint schemes most don’t. I’ll add them along the line. Also, Security Forces and Solaris Stables have to be added. While some of the Stables, only a few, have color descriptions, most have not. Grotesquely, the Security Forces, around 200, come with logos, but no paint scheme. All in all, there’ll be roughly 300-350 additional “units” to be added. So that should keep me busy for a while.

At this point I want to also mention that while I do enjoy repainting and doing logos, the sheer size of this project is too much for one person or even a small team of enthusiasts. I certainly will come up with some more content but, in the future, but in general, will have to rely on the community to fill the gaps over time. So, as always: I am still looking for help on the UCC. Specifically, I need help with 

A) REPAINTS. Repainting mechs is fun. If you do only one or many is up to you. Also if you know people who can do that kind of art please refer them to me. 

B) ENHANCING/VECTORIZING UNIT INSIGNIA. If you’re able to help out on the improvement of logos, please step forward. 

C) CROSS-CHECKING If you want to help making the UCC more accurate you can do so by helping on checking facts. 

Please, contact me via social media like twitter or on discord and the various forums. Links can be found at the very top of this page.

I really hope all of you enjoy the work myself and the team are putting into this project. Please, stay tuned fore more awesomeness! 

For a change, before ending, I’d like to ask the community for a favor. Being present on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, I’d like all of you to consider sharing, retweeting, subscribing or following. For instance, I noticed that there’s literally hundreds of views per tweet on twitter but almost no-one likes or retweets really. Simple gestures like this cost nothing but are priceless in such that they truly help to keep me going, as I have almost no way of telling if what I do is of any use or even liked by the community. Ok, I realize, I’m not the greatest of editors and Youtubers but *shrug*.

Last but not least I want to thank again everyone involved. It wouldn’t be possible without you!