Rubinsky's Renegades

The Renegades use a camouflage paint scheme on their BattleMechs, changing the colors to match the terrain in which they are operating. The command’s insignia is a polished-chrome mechanical wasp, which is painted on the upper left leg of each ‘Mech.

Unit formerly known as: Rubinsky’s Brigade

Insignia by: Unknown Artsit/
Insignia vectorized by: –

Paint Scheme by: Mercenaries Supplemental 2, page 58 / Maelstrom, Mercenaries Supplemental 2 (color plates)
Mech repainted by: –

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Original Artwork: flyingdebris for Piranha Games Inc.
Template: Sightsonyou
Additional Template work: LegendKiller

To do: Mech needs to be repainted / Logo needs to be vectorized