End of April 2019, state of progress, update

April has seen the completion of the upload of all my old content for the UCC. Uploading has been a lot faster than anticipated.

I have transitioned to going through the units and streamlining the content since there has been some changes in the style of presentation. Also, during the upload phase I have discovered numerous errors. Mainly in regards to unit insignia. This is partly annoying, however, on the other hand I “discovered” more “official” insignia, meaning I can scratch or reuse some fan-made ones.

The above mentioned process will continue for some time and there will likely be no obvious changes unless you look up certain units. Occasionally, I am getting new repaints and will add them during the course of updating each unit card.

As always I am looking for people who want to contribute by doing …

A) REPAINTS. Repainting mechs is fun. If you do only one or many is up to you. Also if you know people who can do that kind of art please refer them to me. 

B) ENHANCING/VECTORIZING UNIT INSIGNIA. If you’re able to help out on the improvement of logos, please step forward. 

C) CROSS-CHECKING If you want to help making the UCC more accurate you can do so by helping on checking facts. 

Please, contact me via social media like twitter or on discord and the various forums. Links can be found at the very top of this page.

I really hope all of you enjoy the work myself and the team are putting into this project. Please, stay tuned fore more awesomeness! 

Last but not least I want to thank again everyone involved. It wouldn’t be possible without you!