End of May 2019, state of progress, update

As outlined in the April update I went back and started streamlining the site.

While I made good progress with the Clans, finishing them, Inner Sphere Factions like the Capellan Confederation slow me down considerably. I was also able to check off some minor factions but the bulk of units is still ahead.

Like I mentioned the last time, you won’t see much changing visibly on the site unless you visit certain units.

Another good thing happened recently and that is that GTGMaximo offered his help and produced some nice repaints for Clan Sea Fox and Clan Diamond Sharks, filling more gaps. He also vectorized a couple of unit insignia. Check out the units here:


As always I am looking for people who want to contribute by doing …

A) REPAINTS. Repainting mechs is fun. If you do only one or many is up to you. Also if you know people who can do that kind of art please refer them to me. 

B) ENHANCING/VECTORIZING UNIT INSIGNIA. If you’re able to help out on the improvement of logos, please step forward. 

C) CROSS-CHECKING If you want to help making the UCC more accurate you can do so by helping on checking facts. 

Please, contact me via social media like twitter or on discord and the various forums. Links can be found at the very top of this page.

I really hope all of you enjoy the work myself and the team are putting into this project. Please, stay tuned fore more awesomeness! 

Last but not least I want to thank again everyone involved. It wouldn’t be possible without you!