Greencoat Militia

When the Greencoat Militia is not using appropriate camouflage they color their Mechs in a distinct paint scheme of evergreen, dark gray and white.


The history of the Greencoat Militia dates back to the American Revolutionary War. After the Battle of Trenton, some Hessians who were taken prisoner, ended up befriending their captures. After the war, the group of friends swore a pact to always stick together, and help each other and their families. The group formally formed a community called the Greencoat Militia. As time passed and the friends died, their descendants never forgot the heritage of the organization that was formed. The name continued on throughout history as nothing more than a group to support each other and tell tales of their history and new adventures. Whenever one would get into trouble, the rest would support them. This resulted in them always persevering through troubled times.

This continued on until one fateful and universe altering moment. The Amaris Civil War. This terrible and reckless destruction of life and civilization alike, caused the group to finally become a military organization. Always loyal to Terra even as they lived their lives in different Factions. The newly formed mercenary band decided they could make more of a difference standing together to fight against those who caused this destruction. They pooled their resources and contacts from all over to start up a small, but determined military.


Typically nomadic, and only temporarily setting up C&C and HQ wherever was strategically advantageous. They believe in always adapting and staying ahead of whatever challenge faces them. Some known temporary locations where they housed and based themselves, were the following; Kowabe, Waldheim, York (inner sphere), Donegal, Sierra, and Halifax. Most of the major contracts were from (but not restricted to) Steiner. They did take contracts from the other great houses, only ever swearing off Liao as they had….”differing views” on how to treat the enemy. Contracts were primarily comprised of fending off against small raids and pirates. Tactical approach always has been unpredictable. They prefer combined arms, of Aerospace, Vehicles, and infantry. Typically staging modest amount of mechs, most of which is purchased through Steiner. The Greencoat Militia, continues to thrive to present day, preferring to keep a reliable and honorable reputation.

Insignia by: Horus

Paint Scheme by: Horus
Mech repainted by: LegendKiller

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Original Artwork: flyingdebris for Piranha Games Inc.
Template: Odanan/Viereth
Additional Template work: LegendKiller