Arvakr Free Hussars

Arvakr Free Hussars often uses full camo of appropriate color. Otherwise, their default scheme is light olive drab and greys.


Founded in 3020 by two young and impetuous cousins Aron Davison and Avery Matteson, the Arvakr Free Hussars are a small Company sized mercenary unit that so far to date in 3025 operates almost exclusively in the periphery. The cousins are of mixed Rasalhague and New Avalon decent with a long history of service to the fallen Star league. Once a minor though respected family with 3 herditary BattleMechs in the service of the Eridani Light Horse, events at the battle on Hersperus II in 2998 set the begining of the families current mixed fortunes.Their grandfather and his brother died during involvement in a heroic action to support ELH artillery in an assault to turn back overwhelming Marik forces. Both mechs were damaged beyond repair, and disaster struck again in 3027 when Avery’s father, Matteo Thompson and their youngest uncle Kier Thompson’s Mechs were likewise destroyed in operations on Hoff. Though they survived this left one lone mech remaining to the family. 

Davion leadership being pleased with ELH performance in the action did assist with rebuilding the unit generally, but as company attrition was high only one new Valkyrie class mech could be obtained for the brothers, and along with (Arons father) Dav’ Thomson’s Griffin, it still left one of the 3 brothers dispossessed. During the downtime having met his future wife, and being approached to join the newly envisioned New Avalon Institute of Science as an adjunct instructor the older brother Dav elected to pass his mech to his youngest brother and retire from combat operations to raise a family. With an instructor on the faculty of the NAIS in the family the two cousins were fortunate enough to recieve sponsorship to attend the prestigious new university. However, never really feeling entirely accepted by a great many of their noble classmates, and realizing with only two mechs for a half dozen suitable family mechwarriors to inherit in the face of past attrition that the prospects for one or both of them of inheriting their fathers mechs may not be assured. Unwilling to rely on the charity of family contacts, a government commision bound in obscure politics, or rely on waiting in hopes the fickleness of the future would safeguard their birthright they quietly made radical plans to take charge of their own future. Shortly after their graduation from the NAIS, without saying goodbye they boarded a Jumpship bound for the Periphery to make their own names and their own fates, as Mercenaries in search of self realized glory and of removing the potential stain of the dispossesed from their line.

Today, since rising from dispossesed periphery Vee commanders who in the name of a proud Mechwarrior heritage seized battlefield opportunity to capture and salvage their own mech command one piece at a time, the Arvakr Free Hussars is an audacious, scrappy, but under sized Company level outfit comprised of 2.5 mech lances, 2 (mostly light) Vee lances, 2 former pirate Aerospace fighters, some Infantry, and 1 lone (reclaimed though still not quite restored) former pirate Trojan Dropship. Personal is comprised of enterprising warriors from all corners of the IS and Periphery having in common the will to come together and make their own future themselves.

Specializing in recon, boots on the ground intel gathering, quick strike raiding, some garrison work, and extensive and commited anti-pirate operations in the Periphery the Arvakr Free Hussars are far from the most wealthy of their peers, doing the best they can with the assets they have using equipment under constant need of repair and refit that is merely adequate not excellent, always only a few missions gone wrong away from financial ruin, but also independant enough to see a different set of stars outside their portholes as often as they see fit, with hopes of one day returning to their Inner Sphere home worlds in glory earned by their own hands. Usually outgunned, they are accustomed to the mantra “mobility is the key to warfare” and often succeed through clever planning, coupled with speed, adaptability, and advantageous use of terrain rather than toe to toe firefights. The Arvakr Free Hussars is as egalitarian and informal in some ways as a martial entity can reasonably be. Contracts are accepted by equal vote of the officer corps, commisions are by a 3 year contract though noncommisioned troops are free to excercise claus to resign from the unit when in a free port, but once Mission contracts are voted and undertaken the Captains authority is absolute in the field.


Yellow Roundshield with a charging White Stallion, all outlined in chestnut brown. (a slight nod to their founders paternal commisions in the ELH)

Individual lances/armor groups are permitted a personal insignia on their left shoulder or side of their own design.

Composition OF The Company

1st Lance: Davison’s Rangers
Captain Aron Davison: PXH-1D Phoenix Hawk
Lieutenant Phy Srey: FS9-K Firestarter
Sergeant Zdep Usyk: CLNT-2-3T Clint
Corporal Rowan Flynn : JVN-10N Javelin

2nd Lance: Matteson’s Strikers
Lieutenant Avery Matteson: WVR-6R Wolverine
Sergeant Malik Oronde: DV-6M Dervish
Corporal Valentina Castillo: VL-2T Vulcan
Corporal Nelson Finch: WSP-1A Wasp

3rd Lance: Rao’s Irregulars
Sergeant Vaani Rao: LCT-1M Locust
Corporal Sabine Breton: LCT-1V Locust
Corporal Alexy Petrovich: Packrat (w)
assigned Infantry
Corporal Garrett McGavin: Packrat (w)
assigned Infantry

Insignia by: DAV

Paint Scheme by: DAV
Mech repainted by: DAV

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Original Artwork: flyingdebris for Piranha Games Inc.
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