Hanover Free Militia

The main colors of the HFM are yellow and blue, with occasional decals in red.


New Kyoto

The History of the HFM started on New Kyoto in 3008, when forces of the Skye Rangers defended the World against an attack from the Free Worlds League. When the commanding officer ordered a mech company into an area where they faced an overwhelming force, they were nearly wiped out and only a rescue mission by Cranston Snord’s Irregulars prevented a total desaster.

However, as things in the LCAF sometimes go, the blame didn’t fall on the responsible officer, but rather on Hauptmann Douglas McIntyre, the commanding officer of the destroyed company who was forced to retire. McIntyre then convinced his remaining troops to leave the LCSF as well and formed a small mercenary unit, the McIntyre’s Rangers.

McIntyre Rangers

The Rangers quickly travelled to Galatea looking for a new employer. Without any reputation and unwilling to fight against the Lyran Commonwealth finding one turned out to be more complicated then anticipated. Then a unique opportunity arose. The Draconis Combine wanted a mercenary unit to train militia on Hanover and looked for someone fluent both in japanese and german, the dominant languages on Hanover. The Rangers, with most of their officer stationed for years on New Kyoto or born met those requirements. For the next 8 years the Rangers trained the Hanover Militia and – by frequently exchanging officers – somewhat grew together. As the Rangers requested the militia would get some actual combat experience, they saw occasional action against periphery pirates or rebels in the Rasalhague District.

On the Run

In 3016 the DCMS, seeing that their Militia and the Rangers were working well together decided that it was time to make the deal permanent. The Rangers should be disbanded and all personell and equipment integrated into the Hanover Militia. Unwilling to accept this change the comand staff gathered everyone loyal to the Rangers and those Hanoverans willing to join the merc life and hijacked a Leopard, fleeing back into Lyran space. However, this operation would not only meant a loss of most of the equipment, but cost the lives of many officers, including Hauptmann McIntyre.


Back on Galatea the unit decided that it was time for a new beginning. Its personnel, split near evenly between those with ties to Lryan space and those with ties to Combine space, they acknowledged their mixed heritage by combining symbols of Hanover with the Steiner emblem and changed their name to Hanover Free Militia. The stolen Leopard, the rechristened “Douglas” was made their new command center. To avoid conflicts with either the Commonwealth or the Combine, they took a contract with Vandenberg Mechanized Industries and relocated to the Rimward Periphery. As far from home as one can get in the inner sphere they survived the struggles of the fading 3rd Succesion War albeit currently not at full strength. Their experience with integrating recruits of different heritage however has served them well at the edge of human space and the HFM has filled their ranks with new recruits from every rimward nation.

Commanding Officer
Hauptmann Frederik
“Spartakus” Whitfield

Sturmfest und erdverwachsen

Insignia by: Spartakus

Paint Scheme by: Spartakus
Mech repainted by: Flamestalker

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